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A Social Impact Initiative





LatinX Strong's mission

to educate, support, and engage

America's rising LatinX community to 

vote and run for elected offices

locally and nationally.




What Does Latinx Mean?

Understand the meaning,

so you can add this inclusive term to your vocabulary


"Latinx, a gender neutral alternative to Latina and Latino,

is a term that has recently gained a presence in popular culture.

The term is used to describe the diverse group of people who have roots in Latin America.

Because the Spanish language classifies most words as masculine or feminine,

the term Latinx emerged out of an act of solidarity

to include LGBTQIA+ folks who may not want to be classified as male or female.

Latinx is an intersectional term that aims to include all people of Latin American descent."











Latino Majority

Mobile App


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The recently launched Latino Majority app

is a free independent proximity-based app

to empower, inform, facilitate and

encourage USA LatinX to

vote, run for office, shout out, act, support, volunteer &

connect with other LatinX nationwide. 






Insights from 100 OF America's Most Powerful Latino Business Professionals"

(Simon & Schuster)



"Exito Latino:

Secretos de 100 Professionales Latino de Mas Poder en Los Estados Unidos"

(Simon & Schuster) 








Balto Visitors

Mobile App


Baltimore Inner Harbor

Mobile App


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App is a One-Stop Mobile Resource on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (“BIH”)

for Tourists, Business Visitors, New Residents and Neighbors.

We are not NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu or anywhere else -

We are uniquely Baltimore.

“This is something that…the major news organizations don’t cover —

Where everybody is getting along, white and black,” -

The Washington Post - May 9, 2015. We are a city of 625,000.

We are 63% Blacks or African Americans, 28% White, 5% Latinos, 3% Asian, and 1% American Indian/Alaska Native/Others.

We are a mix of everything and anything,

which makes us a community that belongs to anyone and everyone;

including you if you are thinking about joining us for a visit or for a lifetime.






Gay Hikers

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The Gay Hikers free mobile app is an Interest-based App for

LGBTQ Hikers & their Families to connect, share, learn & hike. 

Families that hike together, stay together.