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A free proximity-based social network connecting & supporting people grieving or

who have grieved with the objective of creating a global community of Grief Angels

that can be there for each other during one of live's most difficult time.

Users of the app are known as "Grief Angels" that know that the people

they may be helping now or in the future may be themselves, their families or friends.


Higher Education Proposal for the Creation of a Global Research Center

to Study the Impact of New Technologies like

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, and others on the Grieving Process.






My Grief Angels


An Online Grief Support Community 

For and By 

the 100,000+ that use the site yearly








The Grief MOOC

European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA) 

Providing Access in Multiple Languages to European MOOCs 

and also available thru

Grief is a subject most of us do not want to talk or

think about until we are forced to, and we will all be forced to.

Whether you are Michael Jordan, or the parent of a recent terrorist victim, or Celine Dion,

or the sibling of a refugee lost at sea, or Keanu Reeves, or the spouse of a suicide victim, or

World Boxing Champion Oscar de La Hoya, or the friend of someone who overdosed, or Vin Diesel,

or the child of someone who lost their battle with cancer, or Prince Harry, or

the grandchild of someone lost to dementia/ALZ, or Liam Neeson,

or the aunt of a teen killed in a car accident,

or Whoopi Goldberg, or the parents of a stillborn baby, or CNN News Anchor Anderson Cooper,

or someone grieving the loss of their lifelong companion pet - we are all in grief together.  

Grief can kill us, but most of us and our families don't know it.  

According to a recent online survey of people who had experienced a loss: 

"Over 80% of us felt completely unprepared to deal with the grief/grieving process" and

"the majority believed we should be providing greater education on the subject in our schools and universities." 

The focus of this MOOC is on "practical" knowledge that you can use if you are grieving, or

if you know others that are grieving alone at home, in your community, in your school or at work.  

This is a course on grief, the grieving process, and how grief can impact

our lives, our health, our families, our jobs, and our communities 






Grief TV


Channel for Grief, Grief Support, Bereavement Support, Grief Education,

Grief & Our Health and Coping with Loss Programs and Videos






"Good from Grief:

How to turn Unimaginable Grief into Something

Positive in 288 Uplifting Twitter-sized Life Stories"





Grief News


Daily Grief, Latest  Bereavement Research, Good from Grief, and Grief Support News

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Aged Strong

"Aged is the new word for Strong"

An informational and educational site for people 50+ covering topics that include:


Older Executive,


Age Discrimination







Gay Catholics Christians

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A Free Proximity-based Social, Spiritual, Informational, and

Educational Network App For Gay Catholics & Christians.