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MOOCs University App is a Proximity-based Social & Educational Network App

helping people interested in or already taking MOOCs to connect, help & learn from each other.

Anyone Anywhere Interested in MOOCs from Any Platform or MOOC Provider

can use App to connect with others interested in MOOCs in

their neighborhood, school, city, state, region, country, or countries of interest.








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STEM Teachers

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The Free App Enables STEM Teachers to Create LOCAL Collaborative Communities &

Access FREE STEM Resources and Tools.

"The stem of a plant is the part of the plant that holds up other structures such as the leaves and flowers".

Whether you are currently a STEM teacher, training to be one, or thinking about being one -

We hope this free mobile app can provide you with access to resources

that might be of help on your journey.

App is dedicated to the many teachers worldwide making a critical difference in the lives of so many

thru their commitment to education,while many struggle daily to do more in their classroom and

at home with less and less funding.

App provides easy access to extensive information on free STEM & Subject Specific Resources,

Tools, STEM /Subject Specific Online Classes, Funding,Classroom Freebies,Videos,

Mentoring, Internships,STEM news,STEMeditate & other. 







MOOCs Directory


MOOCs Directory is the Leading Online Directory of MOOC Providers by Market Segment;

including Higher Education, K12,Corporate and Free Tuition States.









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is number 3 in list of top 10 eLearning  Books

(Revista Educacion Virtual)

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The MOOC Petition: 

Give Us "OPTION" of a FREE Education thru a

MOOCs-based University/Degree